She doesn’t earn much
But whatever she does
She makes ends meet
for her and her Son.

Like any other Mother in the world
She Loves him dearly
She buys him a color tv
Even though they barely make the monthly rent.

Her boy is about my age
He didn’t study and now does petty jobs
He earns for himself
But She earns for both.

She loves him like any other mother in the world.

Now, He has gone missing
He used to go out for 2-3 days. Out on work
But it has already been almost 3 weeks
And he hasn’t returned.

Despite how much ever He made her life tough
She wishes him to come back. to return.
My mom gave her Rice and Jaggery on ‘Makar Sakranti’
to cook a delicacy.
With tears in her eyes she said
but whom to cook for now.

She still comes and works
She sees no hope
Already turned 50
her bones and muscles starting to give in
Each day waiting for her son
Each Night falling asleep in wait
Each morning waking up earlier
In hope that today He will return

The toughest part is
She doesn’t have any one to share with
She doesn’t let anyone comfort her
the police isn’t helping her
And she doesn’t know whether He is alive or not
She doesn’t know Will he ever come back or not
She Doesn’t know if
She should wait or shed her tears already!

Please Send Blessings for “Maya” and her missing Son.

EDIT (18 June 2013): She just returned from a trip back to her village and found her son there. So glad to to tell you all.