If you haven’t found your own set of wonders you’d wanna keep, not solve, but keep to wonder upon. Day by day getting more depth of the the universe and no depth at all with the actual answer (involving complex mathematical equations and high level physics fundamentals).

If you haven’t found your set of wonders, then I’d say you haven’t started living yet!

Why wonder?
Wonders give you joy! Answers not so much. If I were to tell you that The magician never guesses your card, he just somehow forces you to pick the card he has intended for you to pick, then all the fun and the wonder is lost isn’t it.
Wait till someone actually reveals it to you how they force the card, spoiling your joy for eternity.

So let me give you something to wonder upon today!

They say that the universe is expanding (well it is, according to Hubble’s law). Ask! No rather wonder, but what is it expanding into!

You may comment with your progress on the depth of it, that you’ve reached.