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It is funny how moods sway,
one moment on cloud nine
and the next in a corner far away.

In feelings moods or thought
in likes dislikes we are caught!
Impatience is now the key.
But we can still hold for hours, our pee.

A compliment, a smile
for love, we’d walk a mile.
But why? for ‘work’ unforeseen
we aren’t, even a bit keen!

How petty these decisions of ours, have become
I am not busy this week; said none!
To sleep 10 hours, is not enough
and vivas are still off the cuff!

I could go on and on forever
But with rhymes, I ain’t so clever.
So without much further ado
I have got something for you to do.

Just look in your lives and see
nod your heads if you agree
doesn’t this ‘thing’ ought-ta change soon?
Don’t we need to find a way to emerge from our cocoon?

So as you read my poem in haste,
I bind you in my spell of distaste.
For God is our witness, and he loves cartoons
The first one to break a commitment is a baboon!