Yay! I turned twenty! The twist: Technically, not yet! πŸ˜€

You see, I was born on the night of 6th April 1993, at 1:32 AM. And when I say the night of 6th April 1993, what I actually mean is (in accordance with the English Calendar where a new day starts at 12AM) I was born on 7th April 1993! πŸ˜€

Shocked a little? Here is more: Despite being in my VI semester of college, I am still 19, about to turn 20 in a very short time. It has always been such, that everyone in my class has always been elder to me! Something which I have the utmost pride in!

One might ask: Then why do I celebrate on 6th and not 7th. Simple answer: “that’s how I roll”! πŸ˜€ It is an altogether different feeling to do something different! And moreover, according to the Hindu Calendar, a new day begins when the Sun rises! Hence 6th April. And I have always liked that concept better!

So the big question comes: How does it feel to be almost twenty?

Very sensibly speaking, a change in the body, mind, thoughts, emotions is not a single moment thing. Like 1:32 AM still kiddish; and 1:33 AM boom! Grown up sophisticated adult. Yet, it does have its impact. “Turning twenty” made me introspect.
“Whoa Man! I have lived twenty years already! What have I achieved yet? Am I happy? What can I do in the future, for me, and for others? What do I want?”

Some pretty serious questions came up today. And sure enough, I had only partial answers! And this is so much better than before! At least I sense a direction now!
Turning twenty was more of a psychological effect. The clock keeps running at the same pace, it did so when I was 3 and did the same when I was 19. But Suddenly its 12 AM and bang! Calls start pouring in! It makes you feel special.

One more thing that I realised is! People may forget its your birthday, some whom you never expected would call you up and sweep you off the ground with their wishes! But the thing is, that those who love you, love you! Unconditionally! For me it doesn’t matter now, that if they called up or not. If they wished me or not. What matters is to be happy!

I know they love me, and even if they forgot to wish me, so what? Their love was no different for a single day. It is unconditionally the same everyday! So why shall I wish something different! Today I just cherished, whatever they had already done for me.

And I know people like my eldest sister would literally run to their phones just to wish me, when they suddenly remember back, “Oh! I haven’t wished Manik yet”.

Or strict doctors like my second elder sister, would put cake all over my face. While on other days, they would bug me to keep my hands off my face, and to wash it 3-4 times a day! Intelligently, some people would call up a little late, so that they can chat properly! Or maybe even, like Lakshit, call me up 40 minutes before my birthday to have a nice talk!

Its amazing to know that, some friends remember your birthday, and they have been wishing you a happy birthday since the first time you got to know them, without fail.

You know, when one turns 13 or 14, it is usually the time when they realize what a birthday is, and all the special treatment! They get to know what cake on the face, and not in the mouth feels like. They get to know the sting of the birthday bumps. They get to celebrate with friends, and get over the “throw a birthday party at your home, and get lunch box as a present” thing!
More or less, I mean to say, when one turns into their teens then is when they get to know, what a birthday is! And now turning 20. Different!

To me, subconsciously , even the pronunciation of my age doesn’t seem right. Tw-enty! where is the -teen ?

Of those who do come to my blog, regularly, know it has been a month or so since I have written! It is because, to write, one first has to experience. And the past few weeks I had been experiencing! What all I experienced would come up soon on the blog.

Just to give you a little idea:

Bad Experiences make good stories, and the horrific ones make the most laughable memories!

Till then! Have a good time! The king of laughter had a great day and it seemed better because of the ‘lowly’ weeks I had recently. For all those who wished me, I am so very thankful to you! You never know, how just those two words can make someone’s day! And for all those who didn’t, I know, its alright! I love you too!

With Love; Loads and loads of love!

P.S. : Its been a tradition of my own, to have a nice birthday, and when the pomp and the cheering and the hurrays slow down to give me some silence and peace, then I sit in retrospect until I finally age by an year more. 7th April, 1:32AM !
It is so heartwarming and enlightening!

One more thing: I pledge to provide for a hearty meal for some destitute as my birthday treat!