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Some days one wonders, where their life is going, where are they actually headed to, what all is in store for them. Similarly enough, in the upcoming paragraphs, one may wonder where am I going with this article.

But dear reader, this is the beauty of it, I am going nowhere with it. Today, like many other days, I am saying something but I don’t really have something to say. Having given you a little heads up, I continue.

Journey! what a word! The syllables themselves so profound, that they could embark you upon a separate mental journey. Where you might journey through the different meanings, this word and this world, could carry!

It is said almost everywhere, that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. If I may re-phrase,

To be able to journey this journey as a destination, is itself the destination!

If you must know, Yes, almost all of my journeys are indeed so deeply reflective. But I sometimes do wonder upon a question, whose answer I already know! How come, do I land up so often in the land of the lost, the misplaced creatures and the crazy beings?

The answer to it might startle you, but, it always ( more-often-than-not ) starts with a piece of trash that needs to be disposed off in a near-by dustbin.

Dustbins in Delhi are really few and far between. A rare occurrence I must say. Although they stink, they are still precious to people like me. People who keep their heads high about being Indian, about making a change towards a better India at each step. However small and insignificant the contribution may seem.

One might say, it is ridiculous to rant about walking some. Or one might even add that I’d lose a few of those extra pounds I gained back. But my average reader, If you’re thinking that one would have to walk just a few hundred meters to find a dustbin, you’re wrong. So wrong!

One might be familiar with the law of Filth; it states:

If one needeth, throw a piece of rubbish. One shan’t find a trash-can, not near nor far.

As God is true to his (/her/its) word, so is this law true to its meaning.

Very often, in despair it happens, I give up on finding a dustbin. I move that piece of trash to my pockets, or to my bag.

If the trash goes into my bag, it journeys to my home with me, and then back to college with me. And then back to home again, and so on. This cycle continues, until the time when I rummage in my bag to extract something of importance. And as one may be familiar with concept of college and its deep link with things of importance, such an occurrence is rare! Hence, the trash evades its end (being dumped at a landfill), for another couple of weeks.

But if, the trash goes into my pocket! This journey of its’ is rather short! I reach home, put my jeans up for a wash, and bam! the trash has turned into a scolding from my mother! I don’t know how is that scientifically possible, but still happens anyway. Just like a bumblebee who according to aerodynamics should not be able to fly, but goes on flying anyway!

Talking about scientific mysteries, a particularly engaging and related one is, how after a couple of weeks, the trash disappears from my bag! I have come up with quite a load of theories, one of which might even be able to solve the mystery about how earphones get entangled in pockets! But more on this later when I feel like ‘bakar’!

I hope this read is garbage enough, for a need to arise in you, to throw it away! There are only two ways from here: read it again, and try and understand what I wanted to convey, or get up, venture out, be adventurous and find a near-by dustbin and let the journey begin!!

with love!