The following was drafted on 10th January, 2013. I don’t know what kept me from publishing it then, so I am putting it up now!

“How to forget..
.. a Wi-Fi network” is probably something only an engineer can type on google.

Anyway, I was about to post this as my Facebook status. But, then I thought, I’d also like people to take note of something. That, I am about to ( read as only I might) go on a sabbatical from everything. Basically from AOL because, well my folks don’t want me to continue and I cannot support myself yet.

A sabbatical only because it means I will be back.

But then I remembered spontaneously, that in NBS, Guruji told a story about something similar:

( Note: it is only this way, remembering spontaneously while being in a situation, that   knowledge points come to our minds, to be applied by us.)

Once a person came to him, and said, Guruji I am leaving Art of Living. I can no longer continue.

And Guruji quite surprised asked him, How would he do that. How would he forget to breathe properly. How could his breath at any time not be in the present moment. How could he think about the past without thinking about it in the present moment.

He said that, he did not simply understand how would that person be able to go back to ignorance! His breath is always in the present moment, just the awareness about this fact was brought in by AOL.
As soon as he will remember, he will become aware again.


How can one remember, not to remember; without remembering what was not to be remembered.

I also remembered once Guruji saying: How could one not accept. One either accepts in the beginning or he/she spends their head, gives away their peace of mind, health and happiness just to realize that the other person is not changing and then again they finally accept. Wisdom is just accepting them before and then seeing if you can do something to make good out of the situation.

So anyway, as this thought about going on Sabbatical struck me, I remembered his words (I’m paraphrasing):

Once you come here, there is no way out. It’s a trap !

And I realised, so it is. Because it is the land of love I am, thinking of, taking a sabbatical from.
Jai Gurudeva!


P.S. To those who got swayed away , this is to remind you that this whole thing was written  on 10th January, 2013, and just only published now, for the content’s sake.