Three months is it? Three whole months since I have written. You might be thinking, “yeah, what’s up. Long time no see.”

Well as you must have guessed it, a lot has been “up”. Life just bought a road roller and it is squishing me at every chance it gets. The events haven’t been so frequent this time, they have just been of greater consequence. But more on that later, or maybe nothing about that on a public portal.

Anyway, let’s start with the little things in life. I am sure one cannot mess those up.

From the famous “2-min Maggi Noodles”, which never cook in under 5 mins and are very hard to get perfectly right, I shifted to a much more healthier alternative. For the initial 45 days since the last post, I was on a strict MTR Ready to eat Upma diet. All all-nighters meant 2 cups of tea + one serving of Upma. The MTR mix is very easy to make, tough to get wrong and actually cooks in about 2 minutes.

One would say the excess of anything is bad, and my tongue agrees. The upma soon started tasting bland and lifeless, so I shifted over. Over to Masala Oats. Haven’t been this much happy without maggi in my life. The Oats are extremely extremely extremely easy to cook. It takes them exactly 3 minutes to cook, and you can eat out of the container you cooked them in. Thank God for Microwave Oven.

Secret ingredient to add: 1/6th the amount of Maggi Magic masala contained in a 3 rs standalone sachet. Which is easily available in the market.


The post is not over, but I don’t have anything more to say. The continuity has been lost for the moment. I’d be back. Soon.