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Off late I have discovered: when in sad times write something to express yourself; when in happy times do the same! It helps! The sad times shorten and the happy times are shared with many!

Sarah Kay, was a big big big! inspiration for me there. Why? Because I love to write poems, but I can’t rhyme to save my life! And one day, I was introduced to spoken word poetry. And the person performing was Sarah Kay.

This is the video of the performance I saw. My eldest sister dedicated it to me after watching it! And instantly I was able to connect! Connect with the Poem, as well as the style!

Although it is true, I haven’t watched much of Sarah Kay otherwise, but I loved the idea of expressing myself, without having to rhyme words. I already did write, but it was always prose! And I always felt something missing! Soon I found out, what it was! Prose lacked the ability to convey without words! 😉

I wish that more people pick it up! It is easy! It is fun! And it is expressive! It is endearing really!