Perfection is a disease. It’s a cancer which spreads through you. Makes your mind go for a spin. Acceptance is a bliss. The sheer removal of expectation.

What to write and what to hold back has forever been the lament of those who think that the world doesn’t know them. And, it too is their lament, that the world doesn’t know them.


Stony shore
hard waves

I see the faint light
the faint light house.

what storm had run me over
who knew?

today bright as ever
merely floating, yet afloat.
gathered all my courage
broke into a swim
for 5 seconds.

today bright as ever
floating still
pitied all I could
and lay lifeless
a broken spirit

‘day bright as ever
floating somehow
prayed for dear life
with my heart not in it
received help with his heart not into it.

‘day bright as ever
prayed for deliverance
with tears of helplessness
received a sweet shower to quench my thirst.

‘days bright as ever
floating for one reason or another
emotions my mirage
the lighthouse my respite

That night calm as ever
the guards looking for survivors
he promised to pull me up
if I promised to live

I promised to live.
for a week we toiled

reached the stony shore
now the lighthouse in sight

stairs, unyielding stairs.
but I’m climbing.