Lovely ones, loved ones.
dear ones

My heartaches
My heartthrobs

Time has come for you to walk…

The old man repents what he did
the old man repents what he didn’t
the most that old men repent
is not returning

But I won’t ask you to stay …


I won’t ask you to stay and won’t tell you how to live.
Would only tell you, what I know you would.

Far and away shall you walk. Footsteps, thunderous footsteps.
Footsteps, light and soft, into the hearts.

Torches shall you bear. The light of the sun.
And lamps you will light, with the warmth within.

Soar high you will. Higher than your dreams.
Carry others you will too, the power in your wings.


Step forward. O dear!
They have been waiting.
We’ve been waiting.
Show us the gold that you bring in your heart
and let us claim your heralding.

Step forward and walk. For your mark the world awaits!