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Hi There!

I think I am gonna start a new section all together. A lot of things happen, of which not all are able to make it on the paper, and even if they do, censorship is a bitch. ūüėõ

Going forward, just keep in mind that I came up with the title, and the theme in about 5 seconds. Go figure! Here we go.

Firstly, today (2 hours earlier) I was doing some¬†(5 seconds worth)¬†thinking about India’s image in our minds and in the minds of the foreigners. The thought process triggered because of two videos (Hymn for the weekend by Coldplay¬†and China vs India in the eyes of a Westerner), doing the rounds on my facebook feed.

What I was thinking about is how I could not relate (/ accept (I am not sure) ) very much to the India presented in these videos.

  • Is my own perception of India skewed, having spent my entire life in the capital and travelling only¬†rarely where too I experience the actuality from a distance?
  • Or, is the western world too hung up on the imagery of slumdog millionaire that they are unable to¬†open up their eyes to the urban India?
  • And¬†maybe¬†majority of the non urban India is like the one shown in the videos, then why am I (/ why are we) too hung up on shedding that image of India.

I think the third question is really worth answering and I am still looking for any clues to it.

Secondly, I was thinking about one other thing. I started to code at 18 and I was wondering how does coding feel to people who have been at it since they were 12 years old. Does it feel more at home. What is that like?

And lastly for today, I got a really bad (/ good ( not really)) haircut. Haha. It is so bad that I have to wing it; own it rather. I think that, that is really the way forward for a lot of things.


From the movie She’s out of my league. And yes I could have quoted¬†one of Tyrion’s line but you have already seen that so…


Cheers & Love!