Hello to all present! How are ya!

I wrote this while listening to a new song [new to me, actually quite old]. I don’t know the meaning of the song much but I just like its music and the flow.

I had a good day after a while. Like a really good day at relaxing, talking and laughing a lot. Brilliant part is that tonight is probably one of those nights where I am not engrossed in my primary love of programming. Tonight is the night for my mistress – for writing, for music.

Tonight is the night where I’d think the same things I think on other nights, but with a twist. I’d think about things with an all knowing smile on my face. Knowing that while on other nights such thoughts would bring me to an existential crisis, tonight I can enjoy them. Because I know tomorrow morning is not going to be any different than today’s or yesterday’s. You’d not know what I am talking about if you have never laughed at yourself, brushed aside your own belief as trivial in the grand scheme of things, or in general take yourself way too seriously.

Anyway I digress. Tonight is the night when I think about the same things; things like

… thunder only happens when its raaaaining …

[Don’t mind if I insert random lyrics of the song as quotes in my post. 😛 ]

Things like, a feeling that I felt when I first secured a job offer at a company I really liked. A company which I aspired to work with/at. A company  which offered(/s) great benefits and competitive pay, great colleagues and what not..

What’s that feeling, you ask. To sum it up in a question, the question would be

Have you ever been bought?