I wonder, what is it that I do best. I code, I write, I sing (definitely the worst), I make fun of people (which I have recently come to know that people despise me for it), I offer support (at my own terms), I make friends (as long as the friendship is low maintenance), I act (all the time), I listen to music (hating the songs I have, and always in search of comfort), I drive (which I thoroughly dislike), I sleep (rarely because I want to)…

What is it that I do best? Maybe what I do best is do a lot of things (if doing 5 things is a lot).

I know, I could go on and on. I even know that everyone can relate to this and can rant much more than I could, talk about being best at nothing. 😛
So the better thing would be to talk about what I want to do, hopefully do that good enough to make a mark (I have come to realize the best is mostly out of reach, until at least you have achieved what is good enough).

Here you go universe, I want this, I want to make people happy. To be wanted. To help people with their troubles in life, at least those troubles that I too face.

I want to get rid of this feeling that I could contribute much more. I think that is what I want. To do enough, to do one hundred percent. To be one hundred percent! 

Clearly I don’t write the best. Thank you for reading. Your 5 minutes aren’t refundable 😛