It has only been 4 weeks since I moved to Bangalore and I am already back in Delhi. Worry not, it’s only the winter vacations I’m here for.

Over these 4 weeks, I’ve experienced a lot of new things and thus, I have a constant buzz of questions surrounding me. So I thought I’d answer some of them on the blog.

Q. How is Bangalore? How is it treating you? How are you liking it so far?
A. First of all, slow down. (That is a 10 mark question in the CBSE boards.)

Bangalore is yet another metropolitan city. By that I mean, lots of people, all round the clock activity, noise and pollution, varied experiences every day – the whole nine yards.

How am I liking it so far? Honestly, one month is not enough time to tell. I can comment on the various aspects, but a more complete picture needs another 6 months, maybe.

Food – I like idlis and set dosa with tomato and coconut chutney so I think I’d be fine. As far as the Dilli Chat goes, I’d request the vendors there to not try and imitate it. You aren’t doing a fantastic job. Also what I miss a lot is the number of paneer and soya dishes. God damn it! Where am I supposed to get my proteins from?

Weather – Fantastic! When it rains I love it. The soft wind that blows in your face and gives you the comforting chilly feeling. I absolutely love it. Although I miss Delhi’s winters a bit and hence I flew back for the break.

Traffic – Please save me, dear Lord. In Delhi, I used to travel twenty-two kilometers to office in little less than half an hour. My office commute in Bangalore takes about the same time but my work is only three kilometers away. And God forbid if it rains, because when it does – I freaking hate it. I swear I have even considered buying a sleeping bag for my cubicle to avoid going back to home.

Q. What is the one big change you have witnessed in you / around you?
A. Moving out of home for the first time, the biggest change is to constantly keep an eye out, plan for things in advance and prioritize over lazying around. Accepting the harsh realities, that the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room will not magically reappear as a freshly laundered stack is a big realization. There would not always be food unless you go out and buy it is another one. There are much more but I think reiterating them would just be a discourse on how unprepared I was and how much I took for granted the little things. But I like to see the glass half full and thus, I see it as a coming of age transition.

Q. What is the thing you miss the most?
A. In the office – the friends and the banter. At home – the comfort.

Q. How is the new team at the office? How are you liking it there?
A. Again, too soon to tell. The short answer would be that it is a lot different from my previous team, the expectations, the processes, the people are a lot different. I keep a constant pressure on myself to prove my abilities. That hurts my well-being a bit, but I think it would not be for long and also that it would bode well for me in the future.

Q. What was a bubble bursting moment for you?
A. When I surfed the internet to buy a cot. The prices there surely burst my bubble about my perceived ease of setting up a home. In the last month, I have spent so much that it is hard to keep track – I hope it is just a one-off thing. The guiding force for such exorbitant expenditure has been an advice from a friend – who was having a terrible time in New York. In all his misery, he asked me to always remember two things. One, make your home/room such that at the end of the day you’d want to return back to it. And two, always keep your fridge stocked. I must say that I have followed his advice to the letter, but I also need to invoke my baniya powers and keep the expenditure in check for the future.

Q.What is your routine like and what activity would you like to introduce into it?
A. Get up, get ready, get a cab. Eat three meals at the office. Return home by midnight. No matter what time I start for office I can only return by midnight as I generally have meetings in the night. The things I’d like to reintroduce into my routine would be playing basketball or meditating a bit. Also, I’d like to find some time for my personal projects and video games. Currently, all my routine is out of whack because I am constantly in the firefighting mode. I think in another fifteen days I’d set up the things I require and would then have more time for myself.

I think folks, that’s all for today. See you next time.