As children, we have always fantasized about superpowers. It’d be so cool if I could go to school like Spiderman. It’d be so cool if I could apparate from one place to another like Night Crawler. But alas, we grow up and the fantasies die.

Some part of me would like to believe that the fantasies still live in our hearts, however, we’re just too afraid to show the world that we still believe in something so naive.

Anyway, I digress. So I am here tonight not to make you feel bad and not to brag either, yet I must say this – I do have a superpower. Nothing fancy, but it is a blessing nonetheless.

To give you some context, I was cleaning up one of my old TODO lists, as I have done so time to time. God as my witness, I must confess, that even though I am of firm faith when adding to the lists, “THE TASKS THAT MUST BE DONE“. I have little to no follow through when it comes to doing them. Why? just because a stupid list tells me that I should, pfft.

I noticed something weird when I was deleting lines of text from my list. Many of the things that I had listed in there – they were already done. Some were not, and I wasn’t any closer to completing them. However, the good part about it was even though I hadn’t read that list in the recent past, much of what I truly wanted to do – I had already done it. And then I picked up some more lists, and bam, I had done a lot there as well.

I had seen this peculiarity the last couple of times I was cleaning up some other lists. I don’t know if you too have witnessed something like this, have you? Anyway, right now I am too giddy – anything I wanna get done, I am gonna write it down and forget about it.

Here you go universe –


P.S. I am sure, you must be wondering what are the empty bullets all about?! Well, I tried writing down what I wanted, but somehow it’s too personal and too cheesy for me to write it down. Also, I didn’t need three bullets because I can sum up what I really want on just a single line. However, it does open up a chance for you, dear reader, what would you write down on a TODO list – a TODO list that promises you that whatever you write down, you will do it. So think.