To me, the concept of God was never alien. However, it certainly is very different from the idea of an old bearded man in the sky.

The Form and The Formless

I remember as a kid, I’d go to the temple when my Mom would take me and I’d pray. Thankfully my mother only ever taught me to pray for two things – intellect to tell right from wrong (buddhi) and strength to face the world (taakat). I do not recall ever praying for something material. And then she would tell me to thank God for all what I have in life.

Whenever I pray/recall/remember God even today, I’d start with some specific “form” in mind. It used to start with some deity before, but more recently it starts with the form of Guru. But to me, the form only serves as a channel to recall the formless.
The feeling of God rather than some being.

Keeping up?

The Formless

First and foremost, what I like about my religion is that it does not prohibit me from having my own idea of God. It rather accepts it, I am not at odds with it. But the list of reasons I like my religion is not a long one, and that mostly has to do with the fact about how corrupted the message has become. But I digress…

To me, the idea of God has always been about the order of things in the Universe. The planets revolve around the Sun and the moons around the planet not because of God. But the fact that they revolve, the symmetry from a moon to a planet and a planet to star and a star to galaxy center – it itself is God. It is science, it is beautiful and it is Godly to me.

Gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between two bodies, because of the curvature in space-time itself. That curvature is not caused by God, it itself is God. It is science, it is beautiful and it is Godly to me.

How music can convey emotions, and when the right soundtrack plays I get goosebumps. Me being in sync with the music at that moment is Godly to me. It is beautiful.

Whatever that accesses something beyond this tangible universe, something mesmerizing – it is accessing God. Whenever I feel in tune with another human being, it is awe-inspiring and it is God.

It all is.

The Detractors

Q: If there is God, why does he not take care of the needy and why does he let these cruel things happen?
A: To me, God is not in charge of running the world. The same laws of physics of power your homes as they create bombs as well. The laws of physics are not in control. They just dictate what can or cannot be. To my personal belief of God, the same logic applies. Me writing this post is in no way dictated by a Godly force – it just did not dictate that it could not happen. Whether it happens or not is totally a thing of the world around me.

Q: Do I have faith? Why would I pray if according to me God has no control whatsoever?
A: Yes I do have faith. What faith and praying simply does for me is that it takes away the mental trouble or stress of me worrying about a future event. Whether the event does or does not happen is still not in control of God. However, and this is the most illogical part, I just believe that it will turn out to be what I wished for. And I guess that is faith – a logical, illogical outlet for your mind to drop some stress.

Q: Do I not do things because I am God-fearing?
A: I would say no to that one. I do not do things that I feel are not the right thing to do. I never understood the concept of fearing God. I mean the guy is not in control people. 😉 Jokes apart, empathy is the thing that stops me from doing things that I feel are not right.

Q: Do I believe in Karma? In rebirth?
A: I would say I am not sure about rebirth. And that is because I do not care what the answer is, it does not change the way I live. Karma is just another way for me to drop the stress in my mind about events from the past. Just attribute the events to this intangible thing which basically means – it was supposed to happen and so it did. There is no reason behind it, and whatcha’ gonna do about it. It is already done. So get moving with your life.

Happy Living!