About? I mean; really? How can one even begin to describe themselves?

All that I can do is enlist some fragments of my life, and pray to the Lord Almighty that you may be able to picture my whole life. Connect the red blue white and green dots! Find what keeps me going, while I journey upon different paths, which are apparently, North & South Bound.

I shall begin!

Baniya blood from my family-tree but a spendthrift from being a rebel. Innocence from my eldest Sister and no shrewdness at all from anywhere. Humor from my Dad and even seriousness from him. Pray-fullness and compassion from my Mom. And brother-sister fighting mode and the fight code (rules of a fight) and great, just great, childhood stories from my second elder sister!

Super Intelligent from being born; super dumb from going to college. Deep interest in literature, word-play and ‘class’ due to my English Missionary School and no pursuit in that direction by the virtue of being lazy. Interest in theater from being me.

Dirty mind from my adventures in High School and a wish-to-revert, from meditating. Football in search of friends. Basketball for a crush! Chess because I wanted to win. Friendly for I’ve seen a lot of them gone. Laughter for having seen a lot many situations where it is the only way out. Irritating; for it being the only way, that I know of, to express love.

Physics for imagination, delivered at my door step by my competition-coaching-classes teacher. Computer Science for 1 and 0. Artificial Intelligence for the love of video games. Belief, for knowing, that I am destined for great things. Faith for it is a lonely journey otherwise. Concept of God, via observation, being refined each day as it passes.

I work for (read: do anything at all for) appreciation. I desire perfection while I’m creating. I love to be creative for marking something with my essence.

Wannabe poet, writer, actor, dramatist(script writer), director and also someone who side by side codes-up video games.

Pink Floyd, Beatles, John Denver, Rod Stewart, Tracy Chapman, Dream Theater, Guns and Roses, Linkin Park, All the music from the movie ‘The Boat that Rocked’, Bryan Adams, Ricky Martin, Sean Paul, Damein Jurado, Enrique, and Eminem, Lenka and Avril Lavgine. Kailash Kher, Kishore Kumar, Euphoria, Madhushaala,
Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, R D Burman, Ahsa Bhonsle and numerous others I cant even keep a track of.

Patriotism from Bhagat Singh. Love for complex situations, overtones, speeches, shero-shayari, thoughts which can keep you busy whole day, loop after loop, levels of thoughts, recursion, the bigger picture, the smaller picture.

I want to be a magician, for the love of card-tricks. I want to go in the advertisement industry, or a lobby group. I want to go for spin-control. I want to take jibes at each person in the world.

My life is so fast-paced that once you get to know what all happens in a second of my life, you would start to find yours boring. I am master of KAAAND, the harbinger of trouble, the personification of unpredictability. A free-bird, never wanting to be caged.

I get high a lot, without any help from the intoxicants section. I am utterly careless. Do things to make you laugh. I don’t get embarrassed much. Shamelessness is a trait. Self-obsessed to a level wherein I call up people and tell them to compliment me.

Once a person described me, more than I could have ever comprehended myself. He said that, when most of us grow up into our teens we try to be more sophisticated. Manik, is exactly the other way around. His ego, believe me it’s huge, lies in being anti-sophisticated. In being eccentric.
I once wrote this for myself: Autistic, by choice; Autism, on demand.

I have a deep love, like crazy-zombie-eyed love, for movies and tv shows. One could say, I devour stuff like that. And believe me, if I like a movie or a tv show, I’d watch it over and over, again and again. I would learn it. I would learn it to an extent that I can recite it to you. I always wanted to be a movie-reviewer. I guess I would be.

I don’t like order much, being haphazard is my thing. With me, chaos is equivalent to Monday, you would not like it much, but it is inevitable.

What-else is inevitable? Death. I love to read, philosophize and wonder about it. It’s without doubt one of the greatest gifts in spiritual knowledge that I’ve received. Remembering it, and putting effort in being aware of it every second is really something I live by.

I never ever mean any harm to anyone, however bad they may have been, and I believe it to be such a great strength. A great value to have.

I sense clarity for having grasped a little bit about my purpose. And it is really really cute and stupid.

This description would be even less than incomplete, if I do not mention what transformation, what change of direction I went through, because of the Art of Living foundation.

If it were not for Guruji (Sri Sri Ravishankar ji), if it were not for his organizations teachers, I might not be here, I might not be me. I might not be able to stand up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “Dude! You’re awesome! Oh Yeah!.”

The first doze of love that I experienced, that I can remember was from my eldest sister. And the daily doze of a gush of love I experience is from him, by his grace. He is God to me. And if I may give you a hint about the stupid cute purpose, it does involve a lot about spreading his message of Love.

Disclaimer: This expression of me, doesn’t even skim the surface of what I wished to write. Trust me, more things will be added, some things stated may change while other would grow and diminish in me as required. 

Till then, keep enjoying dumps of my Mind-Goop on my blog.



11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello
    I know I should be annoyed that yet another person has jumped on the Mind Goop wagon but strangely, I’m not. I’m kind of flattered actually! Great blog, good insights… you’re a very interesting person, Manik. Well done, I like it! Love the title too “thy Lavatory”. LOL. Awesome!
    But will you still want to use ‘Mind Goop’ as a reference after Mindgoop all goes tits up?
    jinx at Mindgoop

    • Hi Jinx!
      It’s not just you, I too am flattered by your compliments!
      Although I wont answer your question, that if I would still want to use ‘Mind Goop’ as a reference, but I would ask you to keep reading ! Cheers !

  2. I just feel one could not express about himself better. I kept reading it with a smile that widened with an increasing rate and that is something rare to happen to me. Very well put.

    • You still know that I’d call you up and ask you to compliment me ! 😀
      But, you commenting on my blog, all by yourself is also a big thing !
      Thanks for that ! 😀

  3. Prachee n Megha said:

    Bee laabbbbbbbbbbbbb oooo!! From the sisters 😀

  4. ur fightin sis said:

    Hey ‘the master of KAAND’….one thing u forgot to mention is ur feminine side…the bunch of cosmetics occupyin the best space of ur room and delayin u for all d public appearances!!!!!

  5. Jindal I appreciate your language, appreciate your name and liked your blog but tell me frankly how come you name it ( the blog name) in that way???

    • Dear Friend!
      One of the very basic things that one should know, and that answers your question is: “That’s how I roll!”.

      On a more sincere note, it is because the amount of thoughts I have, the amount of crappy yet funny thoughts I have, is too large. You would know that, if you have ever been with me. So I wanted a place where I can dump them all without it being judged of the size, shape, color and density!

      So, hence came the title, “Thy Lavatory”. Because the Lavatory is one of my most favorite places ever, and being the sharey kind, that I am. It’s as much yours as is mine! 🙂

      Keep coming back!

    • good…

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